Family Medicine & Postpartum Care in Miramar, FL

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About 4th Trimester Place

4th Trimester Place was founded on the belief that all parents deserve highly skilled medical care that extends beyond pregnancy and childbirth. Board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Nathania Adu, DNP, FNP-C, is proud to deliver outstanding health services and new family support to Miramar, Florida residents, and the surrounding region. 

The practice is the first postpartum-centric family medicine primary care practice dedicated to meeting the needs of mothers, fathers, babies, and families as they transition into their new structure. Services are performed from a holistic perspective that acknowledges the interconnectivity of all aspects of health and wellness.

In America, many mothers and babies experience serious health struggles in the months following childbirth. These issues disproportionately affect Families of Color and those who lack resources. All the staff at 4th Trimester Place share a mission of helping improve those statistics by delivering comprehensive and highly personalized care to all patients. 

Family primary care is one of many services available and strives to keep everyone in the family healthy and happy. Mothers depend on postpartum care, breastfeeding support, and diabetes prevention. Partners have access to mental health support and IV hydration, and the entire family benefits from nutrition support and health guidance.

A concierge medicine model of practice ensures patients have access to their providers when and where needed. Telemedicine visits offer the chance to connect no matter where patients are located.

For South Florida residents searching for unparalleled care as they welcome a new baby into the family, 4th Trimester Place has so much to offer. The practice is a health and wellness center for families to blossom and thrive during the postpartum period and beyond. Schedule a consultation online or over the phone to learn more. We are Here 4-U-4.